Quantum Leap Introduces Rachel’s Mysterious Boss, Played by a Star Trek: Discovery Actor — Read Our Recap

Rachel’s boss has officially entered the chat.

After ominous foreshadowing, Tuesday’s episode of Quantum Leap finally introduced Gideon Ridge, the mysterious mogul who Ian had partnered with out of desperation to find Ben. Gideon, played by James Frain, was the only person with the money and access to make the quantum chip, which was instrumental in locating Ben, who went missing for three years.

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Star Trek: Discovery fans will recognize Frain as Spock’s father Sarek in Seasons 1 and 2 of the sci-fi drama. Additional TV credits for the actor include Elementary, Orphan Black, Gotham, True Blood, The Tudors and 24.

At the end of this week’s Quantum Leap, a panicked Rachel warned Ian that Gideon, after finding out what they were up to, was coming. But that wasn’t enough time to prepare the team for the man who casually strolled in and introduced himself as though Jenn hadn’t described him earlier as “the last person any hacker wants to tangle with.”

“She’s fine. I told her I wasn’t upset,” Gideon assured with a chuckle. “I totally get it. Water… bridge…”

The gang had plenty reason to be wary of the guy in the grey suit and white Converse sneakers. In Episode 6, he sent his associate Simone to blackmail Ian into giving up classified information about the Quantum Leap program in exchange for keeping the quantum chip running. Jenn and Ian thwarted Simone’s efforts to force their hand, and enlisted Rachel’s help in Episode 7 to create a software patch that overrode the chip so they could continue tracking Ben without leaking additional data.

But now, the cat’s out off the bag. And while Gideon was all smiles, we definitely caught the menacing look in his eyes as he greeted Ian. This can’t be good.

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