Quentin Tarantino Has Picked The Best Marvel Movie, And He's Absolutely Correct

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

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Quentin Tarantino doesn't seem the type to have a complete collection of Funko Pop vinyl figures from every Marvel film since Iron Man - he's always seemed much more of a Star Trek kind of guy - but it turns out he's been weaving in and out of the story of Earth's mightiest heroes and has made up his mind as to his favourite instalment.

"I haven't been keeping up to date with them for, I guess, the last four years," Tarantino told Empire magazine. "I think the only comic book movies I saw last year at theatres were Wonder Woman and Black Panther."

That said, Tarantino did admit that he dug back into the Marvel catalogue so that he could properly appreciate the Avengers franchise's finale. "About a couple of weeks ago I started catching up with some of the Marvel movies so I could go see Endgame. I just finished Captain America: Civil War, so next up is Doctor Strange."

His favourite, though - and you've got to say that he's correct here - is Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok. "I loved it," Tarantino said. "It was my favourite one of the series since The Avengers - drastically my favourite."

He's right, isn't he? Objectively, factually, Tarantino's absolutely on the money in that assessment. Chris Hemsworth having an absolute ball, Jeff Goldblum fumfering all over the place, Waititi as Korg, Tessa Thompson's hard-drinking Valkyrie: he's completely right.

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