Quentin Tarantino got Pierce Brosnan drunk and tried to get a Bond movie made

GoldenEye (Credit: MGM)
GoldenEye (Credit: MGM)

Quentin Tarantino must have really loved Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye.

Because the British actor has revealed that the Pulp Fiction director called him over for a meeting in Hollywood, got him drunk, and was apparently desperate to get involved in the James Bond franchise.

Brosnan was dropped the anecdote during a live 'watch-along' of GoldenEye on Sunday night, hosted by Esquire magazine.

“It was after Kill Bill Vol. 2, and he wanted to meet me, so I went up to Hollywood one day from the beach, and I met him at the Four Seasons,” Brosnan began.

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“I got there at 7pm, I like to be punctual. 7:15 came around, no Quentin, he was upstairs doing press. Someone sent over a martini, so I had a martini, and I waited till 7:30, and I thought, where the heck is he? Word came down, apologies. So I thought, okay, I'll have another martini.”

Brosnan admits to being 'fairly snockered' (i.e. drunk) by the time Tarantino eventually showed up, and that when he did, apple martinis began arriving, and soon they were 'both fairly snockered'.

Quentin Tarantino arrives at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)
Quentin Tarantino (Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

“He was pounding the table, saying you're the best James Bond, I wanna do James Bond with you, and it was very close quarters in the restaurant. So I said 'Quentin, please calm down', but you don't tell Quentin Tarantino to calm down,” Brosnan went on.

“Anyway, he wanted to do James Bond, and I went back to the shop and told them but it wasn't meant to be. No Quentin Tarantino for James Bond. What a shame.”

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Though he doesn't reveal the details of what Tarantino's Bond movie would have been about, Brosnan added 'That would be a good one to watch'.

Brosnan would not make another Bond movie after 2002’s Die Another Day, with Craig taking over the tuxedo for 2006’s Casino Royale.

He goes on to say that he now laments the humour missing in the current Bond movies.

“It's the humour that is not there now in the Bond movies,” he says. “It was the tongue-in-cheek. Connery's flippant throwaway, and Roger Moore's delightfully arch, tongue-in-cheek throwaway (style). So I tried to do the same, keep that lightness of touch.”

New Bond movie, No Time To Die, Daniel Craig's last outing as Bond, is set to land on 12 November.