Quiz! Can you match the fictional President to the film or TV show?

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Quiz! Can you match the fictional President to the film or TV show?

Along with Jesus and Santa, the President of the United States of America is one of the most commonly recurring characters in pop culture.

Depictions of the Commander-in-Chief on screen range from fleeting cameos to whole 7-series dramas set in the White House, and the nature of the role means they can played by a huge variety of performers. Real life Presidents have even been known to pop up on screen too from Jimmy Carter’s Home Improvement appearance in 1994, to Bill Clinton’s cameo in Disney’s First Kid as himself – while in office – Presidents make for compelling viewing on screen.

But how well do you know your pop culture Presidents? If we give you the fictional President’s name and the actor who played them, do you think you can name the TV show or movie?

We’ve lined up 15 fictional Leaders of the Free World for you to test your Presidential knowledge against below.

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