Rachel McAdams Passes the Queen Bee Crown to Renée Rapp on 'Saturday Night Live'

Rachel McAdams Passes the Queen Bee Crown to Renée Rapp on 'Saturday Night Live'

During this weekend's Saturday Night Live episode, Rachel McAdams stopped by to pass on the metaphorical Queen Bee crown to the new meanest girl on the block, Renée Rapp. Rapp is reprising the role of Regina George in the new musical adaptation of Mean Girls, a character initially brought to life on camera by McAdams in the original film. Rapp was the musical guest on SNL, and McAdams appeared to introduce her second performance of the evening.

All she said was, “Ladies and gentlemen, once again, Renée Rapp!” but it meant so much more. Rapp then launched into “Not My Fault” with Megan Thee Stallion, the second surprise cameo of the evening.

The rapper has said in her lyrics that she's the “Black Regina George,” and she later posted a shot of herself with Rapp and McAdams pointing at one another in the style of the Spider-Man meme, writing in the caption, “Cause huhhh all the Reginas in one room.”

As the movie of the Mean Girls musical has been rolled out, several OG cast members have been seen with their new counterparts, including Lindsay Lohan, who starred as Cady, posing with the new Cady, Angourie Rice, at the premiere.

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Daniel Franzese and Jaquel Spivey got together as the two Damians, and Avantika posted photos with the original Karen, Amanda Seyfried, performing the character's well-known “weather test.”

McAdams stuck around to appear in a sketch that night as well, playing across from host Jacob Elordi and cast favorite Bowen Yang. In the sketch, McAdams plays an actress called Natalie Partman who happens to be a celebrity lookalike for Rachel McAdams.

Naturally, this has made it difficult for her to break into the industry, except for on OnlyFans, so she's seeking career advice for “someone who looks like a famous person.”

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