Rafe Spall had willy "audition" for 'I Give It A Year'

Liz Hoggard
Yahoo UK Movies News

Rafe Spall has told 'The Guardian' that he had to audition for the prolonged, comic nude scene in Dan Mazer's new movie, 'I Give It A Year'.

His wife, former 'Hollyoaks' actress, Elize du Toit, took a photograph of him naked which he showed to writer/director Mazer. "Having to show your willy to people is a really strange thing," Spall revealed.

In the film, which is billed as a down and dirty version of 'Notting Hill', there is a mortifying moment when the honeymoon couple (played by Spall and Australian actress Rose Byrne) accidentally show her parents a montage of photos of their wedding night.

Spall had to perform naked for the photos.  "So I had to go into the room with the director and the stills photographer who took close-ups of my dick. I had to do all the shots that you see of me doing it doggy style and the 69 position. I drank a pint of white wine before."

Spall, who lost five stone as a teenager, also revealed he was on a no wheat, dairy or sugar diet for 16 weeks to prove he was "handsome" enough to star opposite Byrne. "It was an absolute nightmare... There's nothing so unattractive as vanity... particularly male vanity."

'I Give It A Year' is released on 8 February