'The Railway Children Return': Jenny Agutter reprises Bobbie in new trailer

Watch the new trailer for The Railway Children Return featuring Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter has reprised her beloved The Railway Children role as Bobbie Waterbury in the new trailer for its sequel The Railway Children Return.

The Call The Midwife star shot to fame in the 1970 film adaptation of the Edith Nesbit novel, after playing the same role in the BBC's TV serial in 1968. She also appeared in a 2000 adaptation of the story, but playing the mother character.

The Railway Children Return — which also stars Sheridan Smith, Tom Courtenay, and John Bradley — sees Agutter back as Bobbie, and is set during World War II. It looks set to retread familiar ground to the beloved original.

The Railway Children Return (Studiocanal)
Sheridan Smith and Jenny Agutter in The Railway Children Return. (Studiocanal)

It follows three evacuee children — Lily (Beau Gadsdon), Pattie (Eden Hamilton) and Ted (Zac Cudby) Watts — who are sent by their mother from Salford to the Yorkshire village of Oakworth.

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Sheridan Smith plays Annie, Bobbie's daughter, who welcomes the evacuees into their home. The children discover injured American soldier Abe (KJ Aikens) hiding out in the railyard at Oakworth Station, and they are thrust into a dangerous quest to assist their new friend who, like them, is a long way from home.

The Railway Children Return (Studiocanal)
The Railway Children Return (Studiocanal)

1970s The Railway Children is based a children's book, written by Edith Nesbit, first published in book form in 1906.

It tells the story of a young family who move from London to Three Chimneys in Yorkshire after the father accused of being a spy and imprisoned. It follows the children's adventures on the railway near their home, and their friendship with the local station porter.

Gary Warren, Jenny Agutter and Sally Thomsett cross a railroad in a scene from the film 'The Railway Children', 1970. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)
Gary Warren, Jenny Agutter and Sally Thomsett cross a railroad in a scene from the film 'The Railway Children', 1970. (Universal/Getty Images)

Written by Bafta-winner Danny Brocklehurst (Shameless, Sky One's Brassic, Netflix's Safe and The Stranger) and Produced by Bafta-winner Jemma Rodgers for Studiocanal, The Railway Children Return is directed by Bafta-winner Morgan Matthews (X+Y).

It was fshot in key locations from the original film, including Oakworth Station, Haworth, and The Bronte Parsonage. The iconic Keighley & Worth Valley Railway from the original film also features.

The original 1970 film has recently been fully restored and is available on Blu-ray and DVD, and to own on Digital across all major retailers, and also available on new streaming platform Studiocanal Presents.

The Railway Children Return opens in cinemas 15 July, 2022.

Watch a teaser for The Railway Children Return