Ralph Fiennes In The Dark About Bond 25

Everyone’s eager to hear what’s happening with the next movie in the James Bond series - but it seems there’s not much news to report thus far. Or if there is, no one’s told Ralph Fiennes.

Fiennes joined the series in 2012′s ‘Skyfall,’ which introduced him as the new M, a role he reprised in last year’s ‘Spectre.’ It seems inevitable he’ll be back again; and yet, with the future of the franchise seemingly uncertain, and a large question mark hanging over whether or not Daniel Craig will return for a fifth time as 007, right now it would seem to be anyone’s guess.

Den of Geek asked Fiennes about where things stand on the 25th Bond movie, and whether or not he’ll be back as M - and the actor replied, “I have no idea. I’m poised to do another Bond if they want me, and I don’t know who is going to be next - it may still be Daniel - no one knows.

“I signed up for three, and I’ve done two, but I don’t know what the variants of the contract are except that we’re all waiting to see ‘will Daniel do another, will he not?’

“And if he does, I have a feeling I will be M and if he doesn’t, I’m waiting to hear where they’ll take it”.

It’s hardly unprecedented for an M actor to remain in the role when a new Bond takes over. Bernard Lee, who originated the role in 1962′s ‘Dr No,’ remained under Sean Connery, George Lazenby and Roger Moore, until his death in 1981 whilst ‘For Your Eyes Only’ was in production (hence M does not appear in that film).

Robert Brown then played the role in the last two Roger Moore movies, and both of Timothy Dalton’s; before Judi Dench took over in ‘Goldeneye,’ remaining for the duration of Pierce Brosnan’s service, and the first three Daniel Craig entries.

There remains no official indication of when we can expect the next James Bond movie.

Picture Credit: MGM-UA/Sony

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