Ramy Youssef Struggles to Find His DEI Superlative in ‘SNL’ Promo: “There’s Room for All of Us”

Ramy Youssef searches for his own superlative in this week’s Saturday Night Live trailer, struggling to find a diversity “first-ever” that hasn’t yet been taken.

“I’m Ramy Youssef, and I’m honored to be the first-ever Arab host of Saturday Night Live,” the comedian says at the trailer’s start, before castmember Kenan Thompson interrupts: “You’re actually not the first [Arab] to host.”

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Dissuaded, Youssef tries again: “I’m thrilled to be the first-ever Egyptian host of Saturday Night Live.”

Again, Thompson tells him he’s incorrect. At this, Youssef tries to go specific: “I am thrilled to be the first-ever Egyptian host named Ramy to host Saturday Night Live.”

Again, Thompson tells Youssef he is still incorrect, citing past SNL host Rami Malek.

Youssef then embarks on a monologue of self-reflection: “Whatever, man. Whatever,” he said. “Who cares about being first — it’s dumb. Anyway, it doesn’t matter who’s first. It just matters that there’s room for all of us, right? That’s what diversity is.”

Inspired by his own words, Youssef goes for one more take, this time from the heart: “I’m just thrilled to be hosting Saturday Night Live … as the first-ever Egyptian named Ramy from New Jersey.”

At this, Thompson finally concedes Youssef is correct, and the duo leave the stage together.

The trailer ends with one more joke when Youssef says, “Did you know Jersey has been voted the most beautiful state in the country?” To which Thompson responds, “Sorry, who said that?”

Youssef will host SNL this week with musical guest Travis Scott.

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