Ranch Is The Tangy Addition You Need For Velvety Instant Ramen

Cup of instant ramen with chopsticks
Cup of instant ramen with chopsticks - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Instant ramen is cheap, quick, and delicious, but sometimes it gets a little boring eating the same flavors over and over. If you want to boost the deliciousness of your instant ramen, try adding ranch seasoning. Whether you buy a packet of ranch seasoning or make your own concoction, the tasty blend usually consists of ingredients like buttermilk, onion, and garlic powders, as well as dried herbs like parsley, dill, and chives -- all the flavors of your favorite ranch dressing. As they say, ranch goes with everything and ramen is no exception.

Despite the increasing number of Maruchan ramen flavors (do you know about the lime chili shrimp and pork flavors?), the unique ones aren't always available at your local grocery store. What's more, it can be fun to get creative in the kitchen and switch up your ramen with other out-of-the-box flavorings. Ditch the flavor packet that comes with your instant ramen noodles and add in some ranch seasoning instead. The tangy flavor won't disappoint and it'll thicken up your ramen broth, turning it into an irresistible velvety, creamy soup for your noodles.

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Deliciously Upgraded Ramen With Ranch Seasoning

Ranch seasoning on a wooden spoon
Ranch seasoning on a wooden spoon - Michelle Lee Photography/Shutterstock

To amp up the flavor of your DIY ranch instant ramen, try cooking the noodles in chicken broth instead of water. After stirring in the ranch seasoning you can opt to add a bit of butter to make it extra creamy and delicious. The combination of the butter, chicken broth, and ranch seasoning will make the broth taste significantly more rich and filling than if just using plain water. Take your noodles from college dorm to restaurant level by topping them with scallions, egg, edamame, bean sprouts, bok choy, sesame seeds, or cilantro. You can also add some more protein like shredded chicken which pairs perfectly with the tangy flavor of the ranch seasoning (who doesn't love chicken with ranch?).

If, like many people, you have a bottle of ranch dressing in your fridge at all times but fail to have any ranch seasoning packets, you might be wondering if you can use that on your ramen instead. Of course, you can always try it, like this Redditor who added ranch dressing and cheese to a bowl of ramen. Just note that the mayo and buttermilk in the dressing will result in a whole different, and arguably less sophisticated, flavor and texture of your ramen. Ranch dressing also doesn't mix well with broth so it's better for use on noodles that aren't in a soup. Using a seasoning packet will keep the broth soupy and not a chunky, globby mess.

Other Ways To Amp Up Your Ramen

Bowl of ramen with toppings on placemat
Bowl of ramen with toppings on placemat - Kritchai7752/Shutterstock

There are loads of other ingredients that will seriously upgrade your instant ramen. After cooking your noodles, try adding some super flavorful sauces like miso paste, Thai curry paste, fish sauce, chili oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, or Korean chili paste. Adding stir-fried or raw vegetables like shredded carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers, shredded cabbage, broccoli, corn, or peas is an easy way to add flavor, texture, and a nutritious component to your instant ramen. Pickled toppings like baby bamboo shoots or kimchi are also popular ramen toppings that add a savory, vinegary flavor.

If you want to boost the creaminess, the perfect hack for deliciously creamy instant ramen is to add in some coconut milk. It'll also add some sweetness to the super salty noodle broth. To turn your instant ramen into a hearty meal, add some protein. Shredded chicken, strips of pork, cooked shrimp, pan-fried tofu, and a fried or boiled egg are delicious ways to turn your light lunch into a filling entree. Whether adding different seasonings and sauces, additional veggies and meat, or cooking your ramen in an upgraded broth, your instant ramen can easily be taken from boring to restaurant-worthy.

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