Randy Quaid Unleashes Bizarre Video Slamming Rupert Murdoch

Oh, Randy. You’d come so far from the rambling, paranoid dude you played in ‘Independence Day’… oh, hang on.

Sadly, life has imitated Randy Quaid’s art, with the troubled actor posting a bizarre new video online airing his grievances on a number of perceived ills.

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Among those at whom Randy takes aim are Warner Bros and News Corp, particularly its boss, Rupert Murdoch, who gets some, erm, special treatment.

Sporting a wild white beard, and with his bikini-clad wife Evi in the background, he makes a number of bold claims, including that Warner Bros executive and Village Roadshow Pictures CEO Bruce Burman stole his house.

Randy also says that Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper the New York Post has smeared him ‘with a pack of lies’, and that Warner Bros had he and his wife ‘falsely arrested’ by the celebrity gossip website TMZ no less than six times.

Not sure TMZ has the power of arrest just yet, Randy.


He then speaks of a conspiracy of ‘police media corruption’, before reaching a dazzling and thoroughly unexpected conclusion.

“Evi and I have been put through a living hell, a living hell of biblical proportions. So how do we retaliate? What do we do? Well, I still have a few tricks too.

“Rupert, you wanna f**k me? I’m gonna f**k you.”

And on that bombshell, Randy dons a Rupert Murdoch mask and begins to simulate – we hope to god – sex with wife Evi.

It’s the latest in a long line of bizarre incidents involving the ‘Independence Day’ star.

His troubles began in 2008, when he was fired from a Broadway show and banned from actor’s union Equity for alleged drug use in his dressing room, demanding he wear his own costume – which was accented with an oversized codpiece – and hitting his co-star in the head during a preview performance.

Thing went from bad to worse when the following year, he revealed that he was the target of a shadowy organisation called the ‘Star Whackers’, who were responsible for the death of Heath Ledger, among others.


In 2010, the couple were arrested for occupying a guest house in Santa Barbara, part of a property they used to own and they’ve claimed was stolen from them in an FBI conspiracy.

They were arrested again in Vancouver on immigration charges in 2010 after fleeing the US - and the Star Whackers - and then denied request for permanent residency in Canada in 2013 (they’re currently suing US Secretary of State John Kerry over the matter).

How this latest incident will play out when it comes to casting ‘Independence Day 2’, we’re honestly not sure.

You can see the original NSFW version here. You have been warned…

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Image credits: YouTube/Fox/Rex Features