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12. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' (2009)

Hugh Jackman’s first solo outing as Wolverine is also his worst. A prequel to the X-Men trilogy, it follows Logan during his days fighting with his brother Victor (Sabre Tooth), Team X and first meeting with Colonel Stryker. Jackman’s performance as Wolverine can’t be faulted, but the storyline is pretty meh, proving that sometimes there can be too much backstory, and the treatment of Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson was utterly abysmal. Let’s just forget this one ever happened. (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Ranking all 12 of the 'X-Men' movies

Hanna Flint

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is now in cinemas and its likely to be the last movie with this cast and crew involved.

The franchise has had its ups and downs over the last 19 years but it is still one of the most iconic superhero sagas on screen.

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However, some of the movies deserve more acclaim than the others so here is a definitive ranking of all 12 released so far.