Best moments from Masai Ujiri's press conference

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Toronto Raptors president and vice-chairman Masai Ujiri addressed the media for the first time on Wednesday since agreeing to a new contract with the team.

It was a lengthy press conference that lasted nearly 45 minutes, and one that saw the basketball executive touch on a number of notable topics that Raptors fans will certainly find interesting.

One of the first things many were wondering about were the details of Ujiri's new deal. Nothing was ever formally announced with regards to term or salary, but even when pressed about it, he didn't offer any specifics.

It's fair for Raptors fans to assume this translates to "a long while."

The executive also discussed the impact ex-Toronto point guard Kyle Lowry had on the franchise and where he ranks all-time.

If Ujiri says Lowry is the greatest Raptor of all time, then I don't think there's any debating that claim's merits.

While Ujiri spent some time reminiscing on Lowry, he also seemed pleased to talk about one of the players the team acquired in the trade from the Miami Heat. Along with Goran Dragic, Precious Achiuwa was added and it's the latter who had Ujiri smitten. Like Ujiri, Achiuwa is also from Nigeria.

"Finally," Achiuwa first said to Ujiri after hearing about the trade.

"You're mine now," the executive responded with a chuckle.

Ujiri also discussed the ever-lasting topic of the lack of desire from some players to come and play for Toronto, the league's only franchise not located in the United States. 

To put it bluntly, Ujiri stated that if a certain player doesn't want to come and play in Toronto, that's fine, he'll find someone who does.

Ujiri also shared the excitement the organization has about returning to Toronto after a year spent calling Tampa, Fla., home.

I can't say enough about these basketball players, the fans, the media, what we've gone through the last couple years... we just can't wait to get back to Toronto, we can't wait to get back to basketball, to life, I'm just so excited about this,"

I feel pretty confident in saying that Raptors fans feel the exact same way.

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