Rare Dalek Sells For £38,500 After Wife Forces Husband To Auction Collection

The Dalek below might not look like much, but it sold for £38,500 at a film and TV memorabilia auction held in Derby on Wednesday.

An unnamed man from London is now the proud owner of the Dalek. He beat competition from 30 other bidders for the “fiercely contested” item, which included bids from America, Australia, New Zealand, and Belgium.

According @Dalek6388, the Twitter account that insists it’s the ultimate resource for Dalek fans, this incarnation of the iconic villain that appeared in ‘Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD’ went by the name ‘Dalek Aarull 2.’

It managed to attract such a price because it’s one of three that was given away by Sugar Puffs in a competition ahead of the release of the 1966 film in which it premiered. Originally silver, it has since been painted red.

Andrew Lewis, the auctioneer at the event, told the BBC that the £38,500 price was a “record for the highest price ever sold” for a prop. Lewis believes that the sum, which was more than double that was anticipated, has beaten the previous record set back in 2005 of £36,000.

All together the huge collection of 67 ‘Doctor Who’ props and items, all of which belonged to one man, were sold for nearly £90,000, which included a 19th season Cyberman selling for £2,000.

The wife of the seller instigated the auction. She insisted that he needed to get rid of his huge collection because, as she put it, “the last thing I want is a Dalek in the bedroom.” 

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[Image via @Dalek6388]