Get ready for Fast and Furious 6 flip car

Pete Turner
Get ready for Fast and Furious 6 flip car
The flip car in action

The 'Fast and Furious' franchise always promises spectacular stunts and car crashing carnage but the directors and designers behind the sixth entry have outdone themselves this time.

With the addition of a brand new purpose built car to be driven by one of the villains in the film, 'Fast and Furious 6' might just have evolved the most exciting new addition in the history of the franchise.

Despite snagging The Rock for the last instalment and this latest one and promising the return of Michelle Rodriguez's presumed dead Letty, the real star of 'Fast and Furious 6' may just be the flip car introduced in a recent featurette.

The flip car

Dennis McCarthy, the man in charge of cars on 'Fast and Furious 6' was tasked by director Jusin Lin with building something capable of driving head first into other moving vehicles. In order to do this, the team designed a low to the ground, formula one style car with a ramp at its front. This ramp when driven into is perfectly capable of catapulting a vehicle several feet into the air, all while keeping the driver of the flip car safe.

The flip car excelled at its mission, flipping the cars it faced far into the air, sending them stumbling and tumbling and smashed to bits. The flip car is more than capable of holding its own in a chase or the vehicular warfare promised in the trailer. Vin Diesel calls it a super cool beast of a car; the rear wheel steering, big tyres and roaring engine all adding up to a fearsome vehicle for the film's villain to command.

The stunts

What this means for the action packed scenes in 'Fast and Furious 6', many of which were filmed on London streets, is that there will be more motor mayhem than in any of the other instalments of the franchise.

The flip car looks set to fulfil the promise of new and inventive methods of causing spectacular vehicular destruction. The police and the ordinary traffic of London will be faced with pulverisation at the ramp of this unique car and its unstoppable appetite for destruction.

It is not just capable of flipping every car it touches however. The flip car is also a fully functional piece of excellent engineering. With its near 500bhp engine and rear wheel steering, it is also a monster racer in itself, incredibly manoeuvrable and proficient in a range of stunts such as reverse steer 180s and even 360s.

Most importantly, all the stunts featuring cars flying, twisting and spinning through the air were done for real. No CG, just real cars and real well rehearsed, perfectly timed crashes.

The character

So who gets to go behind the wheel of such an incredible and exciting piece of vehicle slaughter? The big bad of 'Fast and Furious 6' a new character called Owen Shaw and played by Luke Evans. The flip car is in some respects a logical extension of this character, a guy who is unafraid to tackle his enemies head on.

Owen Shaw is ruthless and will go right into the middle of a storm to cause more carnage and mayhem. The flip car is the perfect vehicle for this man, allowing him to plough straight into the action, unafraid and unstoppable.

The flip car is a brilliant example of how the makers of the Fast and Furious films continue to push the envelope. When director Justin Lin saw it at work, he demanded more police cars to be added to the fray.

The action in this instalment must be bigger and better to ensure the future of the franchise on safe ground as it heads into production of the seventh entry, set to be released in 2014.