Real Housewives Crossover Drama Continues As Miami’s Nicole Martin Throws Savage Shade At Beverly Hills’ Annemarie Wiley On WWHL

 Nicole on RHOM and Annemarie on RHOBH's aftershow.
Nicole on RHOM and Annemarie on RHOBH's aftershow.

The Real Housewives franchise is a massive universe at this point, with a number of cities currently airing new episodes. Two of those series that's on Bravo (and streaming with a Peacock subscription), are Beverly Hills and Miami, which are both having solid seasons. And the crossover Bravo drama continues as Dr. Nicole threw savage shade at Annemarie Riley on Watch What happens Live. Buckle up Housewives fans.

The online feud between these two Housewives is related to an ongoing plot point on Beverly Hills. Newcomer Annemarie (who is a nurse anesthetist) has spent episodes fixated on Sutton's esophagus issue, and a few Bravolebrities who are in the medical field shared their disapproval of the way she's weighed in. That includes RHOM's Dr. Nicole, who was accused online of being a clout chaser by Annemarie. Nicole was asked about this on WWHL, with a viral clip on Twitter showing how it all went down. She didn't mince her words, saying:

I received countless messages, tweets about this which is really the only reason I chose to respond. I think to chase clout implies that you're going after a bigger fish. And Annemarie is no way a bigger fish. Not professionally, not medically, not educationally. So I don't think I was chasing any clout.

Mic drop. Dr. Nicole is clearly not here for Annemarie's comments, and made her stance on both the Sutton drama and the following clout chaser comments crystal clear. It's too bad there's no way to see these two Housewives face off in the same show, that is unless they're brought on a future season of Ultimate Girls Trip. Either way, Nicole has once again proved why she's become a top-tier Housewife.

While something alcohol is negatively impacting the Housewives franchise, some longtime fans have taken umbrage with how much social media has factored into recent seasons. But in moments like this it feels like a big payoff having the ladies use their platform to address moments from other franchises. It's like the Housewives multiverse.

While RHOBH has drama with Kyle Richards' marriage, the past few episodes have seen Annemarie consistently bring up Sutton's health, and cast doubt about her esophagus issue. Both Dallas' Dr. Tiffany Moon Miami's Dr. Nicole admonished this behavior as medical professionals, although the latter got into more drama with the Beverly Hills newbie. You can see Nicole's comments below:

The ongoing discourse about Sutton and her esophagus is just one reason why some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans aren't into the new season. I personally have been enjoying the show since Lisa Rinna's departure, but Annemarie's constant mentioning of the esophagus issue is definitely getting old.

Both The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Miami air new episodes Wednesdays on Bravo, and stream on Peacock the next day. Be sure to check out the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch.