Awesome real life Transformer created by Turkish tech firm

A Turkish company has created a fully functional Transformer ripped straight from the iconic cartoon or Michael Bay’s big screen blockbusters.

Better still, Letvision, the company, wants to sell the mammoth machines, and in a variety of styles and colours.


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Called Letrons, the huge robots are remote controlled rather the drivable, but that doesn’t take away from how impressive they are in action.

In a demonstation video, a red car that could easily be mistaken for an actual BMW drives up before standing up, talking (in Turkish) and demonstrating his funcitonal hands.

While just a prototype for now, more versions of the Letron are planned in blue and red, blue and white, orange and grey. They even have a range of different heads.

The orange one is our favourite.

Whether these ever make it to market will depend on demand (from those able to afford them) and the leniency of Hasbro and BMW’s teams of lawyers.

If these just don’t cut it for you, Michael Bay is hard at work filming a new ‘Transformers’ movie for release next year and the classic animated film is being re-released in December to mark its 30th anniversary.

Picture Credits: Letvision