Reason For Donald Trump’s Verbal Flubs Finally Revealed In ‘Daily Show’ Spoof

“The Daily Show” jokingly pinpointed a reason for Donald Trump’s verbal gaffes on Thursday.

The presumptive GOP nominee’s flubs are actually due to him “learning the new languages that are being brought into America,” which he has dog-whistled about in recent weeks, according to the narrator of a spoof segment.

“We have languages coming into our country. We have nobody that even speaks those languages. They’re truly foreign languages,” Trump falsely insisted at the U.S. southern border on one occasion. “Who would think that we have languages that are like from the planet Mars?” he asked in another interview.

“As a way to familiarize himself with these new languages, Trump is working some of the new words into his everyday vocabulary,” the narrator continued amid clips of Trump’s fumbles. “Linguists say it’s only a matter of time before Trump becomes fluent so that he can dehumanize these new populations in a language they understand.”

Watch the video here: