Rebel Wilson slams directorial debut producers for sabotaging launch

Rebel Wilson has accused the producers of her directorial debut of ruining plans to launch the film at the Toronto Film Festival.

Last week, Rebel was thrilled to announce online that her film, The Deb, had been selected as the closing night film of the 2024 festival.

But in an update posted via Instagram on Wednesday, Rebel said plans had been destroyed by Amanda Ghost, Gregory Cameron, and Vince Holden.

Targeting the trio in a video, Rebel began, "To have the joy of the movie being selected (as the TIFF closing film), is one thing. But then to have the business partners that are involved in that movie, turn around and say that no, the movie can't premiere is just beyond devastating.

"Why are they saying this? Why are they stopping it from premiering at Toronto? Well, this dates back to October of last year, where I discovered bad behaviour by these business partners... So I'm just going to tell you who they are."

Targeting the trio, Rebel continued, "The so-called producers of the film, I use that phrase very lightly, their names are Amanda Ghost, and Gregory Cameron, and an executive producer who works with them called Vince Holden. So these are the people involved."

Rebel went on to accuse the three of conducting "inappropriate behaviour towards the lead" and "embezzling funds from the film's budget".

The Pitch Perfect star defended her decision to call out the team, saying, "I will speak the truth. And, you know, warn people about these people in the industry. Who are just not behaving ethically."