Recipes where Spam is the star of the show

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Spam is a rectangular cube of mashed-up pork that’s instantly recognizable from its bold packaging. Since its inception in 1937, Spam has gained worldwide recognition and is consumed around the globe. So it’s no surprise that recipes starring the famous canned ham are taking over TikTok. From fries to pancakes, Spam is showing up in some pretty exciting places. If you’re looking for an interesting take on the legendary pork product, here are five recipes that use Spam.

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1. Spam and Oreo burger

Inspired by a similar McDonald’s burger from China, this adventurous recipe calls for two slices of pan-fried Spam topped with Oreo cookie crumbs. That combo sits between two toasted sesame buns slathered in mayonnaise.

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2. Spam fries

Spam takes on a new form in this recipe. Begin by slicing the Spam into long sticks. Next, dip each stick in an egg mixture. Then cover it in breadcrumbs. Fry them on a pan until golden brown. Wrap the fries in wax paper, and serve in the original can for a fun presentation. 

3. Spam musubi

This dish is a Japanese-Hawaiian fusion made from fried Spam marinated in soy sauce and sugar over a layer of fried egg and rice with Furikake seasoning. Finish off by wrapping a layer of seaweed around the savory stack. 

4. Spam and pancakes

Pancake lovers will definitely want to try this Spam variation. This recipe involves layers of fried Spam baked into the buttery pancake center. Top with butter, hash browns and maple syrup for a flavorful infusion that could be part of any complete breakfast.

5. Shrimp and grits with spam

This recipe is a tasty mélange of Spam, seafood and seasonings. TikToker @kenapeay adds sliced onions, pickled ginger, garlic, soy sauce, pepper, garlic powder, harissa, onion salt, dark brown sugar and chicken broth to a pan. Next, she mixes in Dr. Pepper and hot sauce before adding sliced Spam and shrimp. Once cooked, she places the sautéed Spam and shrimp over a plate of grits.

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