Red carpet disasters

Ben Arnold
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The red carpet is for strutting, po-faced modelling poses and general showing off. So when things go awry, and the mask rather awkwardly falls off, it's brilliant. Let's relive some of the delicious moments when celebrities have looked at their most daft in front of their adoring public...

Sacha Baron Cohen throws 'Kim Jong-il's ashes' on Ryan Seacrest

Done up to the nines in his full military regalia as dictator Admiral General Aladeen, Sacha Baron Cohen approached a wary Ryan Seacrest on the Oscar red carpet, the most hallowed carpet in the world, carrying a suspicious-looking urn. In it was the “ashes of his tennis doubles partner” Kim Jong-il, the late leader of North Korea. Mr. Seacrest slapped on a fake smile when it was emptied on him, but you could tell he wasn't best pleased at having his tuxedo ruined.

Watch Sacha Baron Cohen tip ash onto Ryan Seacrest

Zac Efron drops a condom

Someone's feeling lucky. While attending the premiere of his Dr. Seuss flick 'The Lorax', the squeaky clean star of 'High School Musical' inadvertently let us in on his plans once the red carpet had been rolled up. He styled it out, mind, scooping up the offending article once he'd realised it had fallen out of his pocket, grinning at a fan before replacing his shades and skulking off. The saucy beggar.

Gary Busey goes weird

There's no one quite like Gary Busey. Literally, no one. It’s a point he proved beyond reasonable doubt when collared by an ITN reporter on the red carpet at the pre-Oscars 'Night of 100 Stars' gala in 2010. When asked what he's up to, he retorts 'about a 195 pounds', before going on to explain how his “projects are confidential, but very lovely” and twitching uncontrollably. It's an astonishing, arguably Oscar-worthy performance in itself.

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AnnaLynne McCord foiled by topiary

'90210' star AnnaLynne McCord is working the paps with her finest ‘blue steel’, which rather than coming across as smouldering actually looks more like she might be concussed. Did she bang her head on the way out of the limo? As she completes her close ups for the baying crowd, she topples off her stilettos into a small hedge which is providing a lovely natural border for the red carpet. Pulling herself up, she starts grinning and looks much more normal.

Tara Reid’s wardrobe malfunction

Watching the footage, the recurring question is 'when is she going to notice? Oh god, when is she going to notice?' The answer, as it transpires, is never. She continues smiling for the paparazzi and film crews with her left breast entirely exposed for nearly 10 seconds before a nearby publicist scoops it up for her and pops it back in her silk dress.

Dennis Pennis crushes Steve Martin

Paul Kaye's obnoxious Dennis Pennis character was at the centre of many a red carpet take down. But his run-in with Steve Martin was particularly brutal. Coaxing Martin in with his BBC microphone, he shoots: “Steve, one question... how come you're not funny anymore?” Martin walks away, clearly crest-fallen, and reportedly cancelled all other scheduled interviews. Kaye later said it was the one remark he made as Pennis that he regretted.

Tom Cruise and the water pistol

It was a glorious moment. During one of Cruise's tedious 'look at me!' walkabouts for the release of 'War of the Worlds', a reporter collars the diminutive star for an interview. In fact, the reporter was one of a team making a TV show for Channel 4 in which celebrities get pranked, squirting Cruise in the face with a false microphone. Cruise is furious. The stunt kind of backfired, however, with all four members of the crew being arrested on suspicion of assault. Surprise!

Steve O pees on red carpet at premiere of Jackass

Perhaps mistaking the premiere of his own movie 'Jackass: Number Two' for the premiere of 'Free Willy', Steve O, a man well acquainted with indecent exposure, pulled out his chap and succumbed to the call of nature on his very own red carpet at the venerable Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Some might deem this a childish display. They are quite welcome to their opinion.