Reddit is obsessed with this mom’s ‘real-life, handmade gingerbread house’

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A woman’s very own gingerbread house looks like it’s right out of a Hansel and Gretel storybook.

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Photos of the home were posted on Reddit’s “Pics” forum. The user boasted about theirmom’s real-life, handmade gingerbread house.” The images showed the 1927 Tudor home decorated with giant candy canes, gumdrops, cookies, peppermints, lights and other colorful decorations. It was the spitting image of something from a children’s book.

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“It is her real house that she decorated to look like a gingerbread house! I sure love it,” the poster explained.

Everything is completely handmade by the mom. The gumdrops and Dots candy are spray-painted buckets. The wreath cookie, gumballs, candies and gingerbread men are made of painted styrofoam. The candy canes are pool noodles, peppermint rounds are plastic bowls and the giant peppermint sticks are PVC pipes.

“My mom has been an interior designer for the last 30 years, she has great attention to detail and a great eye!” the poster said. “My brother-in-law is a lifesaver and kindly does most of the work of carefully attaching the decorations to the house.”

Redditors loved the creativity and effort put into the whimsical winter wonderland.

“For the sake of the neighborhood kids I gotta ask, how big is her oven?” a user joked.

“I’m obsessed with this. Please tell your mom that she’s incredibly talented at crafting too!” another wrote.

“That’s really magical and I’m sure kids in the neighborhood love it.” someone added.

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