Ree Drummond Shares Relatable Date Dilemma with Husband Ladd: 'That’s Why We’ve Been Married 27 Years'

The Pioneer Woman star posted a sweet photo of herself and her husband while they vacationed in Vail, Colorado

<p>Ree Drummond/Instagram</p> Ree Drummond and her husband, Ladd

Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree Drummond and her husband, Ladd

Ree Drummond and her husband, Ladd, had an eventful weekend complete with family, football and a menu ordering mix-up.

On Monday, the Pioneer Woman star shared that over the weekend she and her husband were out to eat at a restaurant in Vail, Colorado, when they had a silly moment while ordering their meals.

Ree posted an Instagram photo of her and Ladd sitting in the outdoor part of the rustic restaurant with two plates in front of them stacked with sky-high burgers and french fries. In the middle of the table were a bowl of thick-cut onion rings.

“I ordered a burger with onion rings thinking I’d also have a couple of Ladd’s fries,” she explained in the caption.

But when her husband ordered his burger with a side of onion rings she had to change her order.

“Then Ladd ordered a burger with onion rings because he really wanted onion rings,” she said. This prompted Ree to adjust her order once again.

“Then I changed my order to fries because I wanted both fries and onion rings,” she quipped.  “Then Ladd said let’s both get fries and split a side of onion rings. And that’s why we’ve been married 27 years.”

Many of Ree’s social media followers said they could relate, with one commenting, “Team work makes the marriage 💍work! 😂🍟🧅”

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The mother of five noted that earlier that weekend she and Ladd were on a trip to see their son Bryce play football for the Cowboys of Oklahoma State University in their game against Arizona State University at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

<p>Ree Drummond/Instagram</p> Ree and her daughters Alex and Paige at Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona

Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree and her daughters Alex and Paige at Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona

She and her gang also enjoyed a big dinner at a restaurant in Arizona.“Fun memories in Arizona this weekend. Football, old friends, family, food…and it was a furnace!” she wrote in a caption accompanying some photos of the meal.

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“I’ve got to stop waiting for the perfect pics to share when I have nice memories,” Ree added, “because if I do, I’ll never post anything. Oh well, if I’m gonna cut off someone’s face, let it be mine!.... Oklahoma State won 🤠🤠🤠 but the awesome ASU fans we met were nice to us anyway. Okay, I’ll be back soon with more grainy, badly lit, blurry.”

Bryce, who originally started college at the University of North Texas last January, transferred to Oklahoma State University this year. In April, Ree posted a photo of him and shared the news. Swapping his old green uniform, Bryce wore a new orange one in the Instagram picture, while Ree wore a necklace with the same color to support her son's new team.

"First pic: yesterday. Second pic: seems like yesterday! 😭," she captioned the post, which also included a throwback photo of Bryce holding a football as a kid.

At the time, the college sophomore shared the news on his own Instagram in a series of official team photos.

"Spring uniform is lookin a little different this time around," he captioned his post.

Bryce received lots of sweet messages from his family in the comments section.

"Go Pokes!! 🙌 So proud of you, son!!" Ree wrote, while his sister Paige commented, "Goooo Brycie!!! 🤠🧡🔥."

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