Reece Witherspoon writes fan letter to Naomi Watts

Walk The Line actress is a big fan of her performance in The Impossible

Reece Witherspoon wrote a gushing fan letter to fellow actress Naomi Watts after seeing her performance in the film 'The Impossible', it has emerged.

The 'Walk The Line' star said that she felt compelled to write the letter, and that she could not speak for 24 hours after seeing the film, which tells the true story of a family who were hit by the 2004 tsunami while on holiday in Thailand.

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The Impossible... Witherspoon a big fan of Watts (Copyright: E1)

Watts plays opposite Ewan McGregor in the film, which was made in Spain and Thailand, helmed by Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona.

The letter, which Witherspoon shared with Entertainment Weekly, reads as follows:

“Hi Naomi,

I know we don’t know each other well. I hope it’s ok that I am reaching out to you, because I simply could not contain my enthusiasm about your performance in The Impossible.

Wow. Just wow. I was blown away by the film. The story of survival and the incredible images of the tsunami and the performances of the entire cast were astounding. By far, one of the best films I have ever seen in my life.

I could not speak for 24 hours after seeing the film. It was more than a movie. It was a mediation on life and family and humanity. It was fortifying.

But the life-breath of the film is you.

Your brutal physical performance, the ferocity of your mothering spirit and the soul touching moments where you hold on to life with every part of your being were incredible.

Not since I saw Meryl Streep’s performance in Sophie’s Choice have I been so moved by an actress’s performance. It also reminded me of Sally Field’s Norma Rae as well. Such strength and absolute vulnerability in the same performance. A mother who is determined to teach her child what it means to be a good person even when facing her own mortality. You showed every side of Maria’s story.

If I have anything to do with it (and I will literally tap dance on Sunset Boulevard for you!), you will be holding every beautiful statue that exists by the end of February.

But more importantly, you have created a performance that will stand the test of time.

Congratulations. And thank you sharing your heart and soul so openly.

With respect,


The film is released in the UK on January 1.