Reigning Champ Reveals Home Court Arcade Basketball Game

Aside from its core apparel offerings, Reigning Champ has been keen on expanding its portfolio through unique homewares. Previously, the brand tossed up a white boxing bag and gloves with Everlast, connected with Modernica for mid-century-inspired chairs and even releases its own mini-hoop on occasion. Now the brand is back for more, this time revealing a Home Court Arcade Basketball Game.

Whether it be arcade chains like Dave & Buster's or a local arcade, most are familiar with the Pop-A-Shot basketball game. So Reigning Champ decided to put its own spin on the fun arcade game. But what elevates the game is Reigning Champ teaming up with the Canadian industrial designer Calen Knauf. As such, the two entities have worked together to add a contemporary yet minimalist edge to the Home Court game.

Comprising its clean build are composite wood panels, tempered glass and metal. With Home Court, the materials converge to make a functional game that also nods to the precision and elevation of artwork. A special note is the game's build replicates the sounds of playing on a hardwood basketball court. Additional touches include a white hoop, net and basketballs.

Priced at $50,000 USD, Reigning Champ's made-to-order Home Court Arcade Basketball Game is available now for pre-order online.