Remember the Viral Tunacado? You Can Now Have It in Egg Sandwich Form

Joe & the Juice's first-ever breakfast sandwich proves that egg salad is the right food to start your day with.

<p>Joe and the Juice</p>

Joe and the Juice

My general interest level in any sandwich directly correlates to the bread I’m offered. Baguettes, for example, immediately conjure memories of suffering and rawness on the roof of my mouth; Wraps are fine, but there’s just not a lot of substance there. With the launch of its first-ever breakfast sandwich (available at locations around the world starting today), Joe & the Juice has convinced me that the bagel isn’t the right bread for the breakfast sandwich after all — it’s all about Scandinavian ciabatta, which makes the fast-casual chain’s new Eggcado sandwich absolutely irresistible.

During a time when many have tried to reinvent the proverbial breakfast sandwich wheel with too many ingredients and impractical proportions, the Eggcado embraces the basics with avocado, spinach, tomato, low-fat mayo, and, obviously, an egg, along with a healthy drizzle of the company’s signature spicy sauce. The texture is a lot like egg salad (think creamy, tangy, and fluffy), which is a welcome change to the usual fried egg that’s par for the course on so many other fast-casual breakfast sandwiches. The bread is the same that’s used to make Joe & the Juice’s viral tunacado sandwich, a choice that makes the greatest impact on the overall quality of the sandwich, if you ask me.

“Since the very early days in Copenhagen (our first store opened in 2002), we have partnered with a local Danish bakery to create our unique Scandinavian take on the ciabatta, with whole wheat and rye flour for a fiber-rich and fulfilling experience,” a representative tells Food & Wine over email. “We have actually tried to replicate the bread with local bakeries around the world, but so far, it has been impossible to get the taste and texture right. As a result, we are shipping our bread from the bakery in Denmark to all Joe & The Juice locations globally. It’s a logistic challenge, but worth it!”

The Eggcado sandwich is available at Joe & the Juice locations worldwide starting today. The company is also launching the Slab Breakfast Sandwich and Eggcado Breakfast Bowl, but who cares when we have a sandwich like this.

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