Reneé Rapp's Drug Experiences & Going Missing Inspired 'Snow Angel'

Renee Rapp in the “Snow Angel” music video
Renee Rapp in the “Snow Angel” music video

Reneé Rapp went through a lot of dark times before releasing her debut album Snow Angel.

During a new interview with Jay Shetty for his On Purpose podcast, Rapp brought up the specific experiences that led her to write the album’s title track, “Snow Angel.” According to the singer and actress, she got involved with a party-heavy group of friends when she first moved to Los Angeles in 2022.

Despite receiving advice from her family members that this group of friends wasn’t very positive for her, Rapp got distracted by the newfound freedom she was experiencing at the time. “We were all going out,” she explained. “[There] was situation after situation where they were just not trustworthy.”

Rapp then recalled one particular morning waking up from a party night. “I woke up and was just so confused. I had blood on my pants and [was] caught off guard,” she noted. “I looked at my phone and was like, ‘What happened?’ I had missed two texts from friends I was with at 10:30pm the night before. Seven hours had gone by.”

She added, “I still have no idea what happened, but I was drugged and missing for seven hours. I stopped being friends with those people and stopped doing as much partying.”

Reneé Rapp OPENS Up On Traumatic Past & Channelling It In Her Debut Album

Rapp proceeded to call her parents and tell them what happened. Understandably, her family was very worried about what was going on, even though their concern didn’t immediately make sense to her.

After trying to process the events of that night for several months, Rapp started working on the Snow Angel album and knew that she wanted to include this experience in the project. She cowrote the “Snow Angel” title track with her writing partner Alexander 23, who was stunned to hear Rapp’s story.

Since its release, Snow Angel has launched Rapp’s music career with hit songs like “Talk Too Much,” “Pretty Girls,” “Tummy Hurts,” and “So What Now.” She is well on her way to becoming a huge popstar after releasing such a strong debut album.

Sending all our love to Reneé Rapp!

Reneé Rapp’s Snow Angel album is now available on all music streaming services.

Reneé Rapp - Snow Angel (Official Music Video)