Renfield: Red Band trailer

Renfield is coming to cinemas in 2023.

Video transcript

- Sorry to interrupt.

- Are you OK?

- I need to get out of a toxic relationship.


- Why don't you start by telling us what brought you here?

- My boss, he's different.

- You can't get him out of your head?

- No.

- I need your resistance.

- I'm coming, Master.

- Oh, you feel like he could destroy you with the snap of his fingers.

- Wouldn't even need to snap.


- OK.

- Uh huh. That sounds familiar.

- Yeah, what?


- Renfield, bring me innocent victims. I want a handful of nuns, a busload of cheerleaders.

- And I just want a normal life again.

But this modern world is a dangerous place.

- Get down.


- No, no, no, no, no.

- Thank you. You saved my life. Did I watch you cut a guy's arms off with a decorative serving platter?

- It's all in the wrist.

Let me explain. My boss gave me this power. In return, I tend to his needs, including care, feeding.

- You bring him people to eat?

You're like the guy that gets the villain's postmates.

- What if you were to stop focusing on his needs, what would happen?

- He won't grow to full power.

- Exactly. He won't grow to full power. What? That's so weird. Why would you phrase it like that? But, yes.

Hi, are you here for the meeting? Well, come on down.

- No, no.

- Some call me The Dark One, others, The Lord of Death. To most, I am Dracula.

- OK, obviously, we're dealing with a little bit more than just narcissism here.

- Now, let's eat.