Revealed: The drivers of this car are most likely to commit motoring offences

21 per cent of BMW 7 series drivers have picked up a motoring conviction in the last five years (BMW)

It’s long been the source of debate among motorists and now it’s been confirmed: BMW drivers are officially more likely to pick up motoring convictions than anyone else on the road.

According to analysis of more than six million car insurance quotes, drivers of the BMW 730d have the most motoring offences under their belts.

The MoneySuperMarket study found that 21 per cent of drivers of the £60,000 motor have received a conviction in the last five years.

BMW, Porsche and Aston Martin drivers have the most convictions (Getty)

Next on the list are the similarly flashy Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin DB9, which tied in second place with a 20 per cent conviction rate.

The most law-abiding drivers favour a humble Citroen ZX, which hasn’t been made in two decades: only 1 per cent of these drivers have received a motoring conviction since 2013.


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According to a second poll of 2,000 motorists, drivers of grey vehicles are the most likely to be caught speeding – especially if they live in Scotland.

A third (33 per cent) of those with grey cars admitted picking up a speeding ticket in the last five years, followed by 31 per cent of those driving black cars and 29 per cent whose vehicles were blue one.

Scottish drivers picked up 10 per cent of these convictions, while those in Yorkshire and the Humber and Wales were next with 9 per cent. Londoners and those from Northern Ireland were least likely to speed, with just six per cent of convictions coming from those areas.

The five vehicle models whose drivers were most likely to have committed a motoring offence over the past five years

BMW 730d, 21%
Porsche Panamera, 20%
Aston Martin DB9, 20%
Maserati Ghibli, 19%
Audi A9, 18%

The five vehicle models where drivers were least likely to have committed a motoring offence over the past five years

Citroen ZX, 1%
Perodua Keelisa, 2%
Rover 416, 3%
Ford KA 2, 3%
Rover 414, 3%