Revealed: the most expensive cities for car insurance

Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
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car insurance quote
car insurance quote

Liverpool is the most expensive UK city for car insurance, according to new research. On average, motorists in the city pay £884.51 for cover, making Liverpool more expensive than London.

The data shows that large English cities attract the highest premiums. This isn’t surprising, given the population density, traffic and crime figures in places such as Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. Indeed, these cities fill the top three slots on the list of expensive car insurance.

Arguably the biggest surprise is that London doesn’t finish higher. Drivers in the capital city pay, on average, £725.60 for cover. That leaves London in fifth place, sandwiched between Bradford (£736.77) and Sheffield (£713.03).

There’s better news for motorists north of the border, with Scottish cities accounting for six of the top 10 least expensive cities for car insurance.

Aberdeen is the cheapest, with an average quote of £309.14 per annum. Perth, Inverness, Dundee, Stirling and Edinburgh were the other Scottish cities to make the list.

Scotland 'should ban non-electric cars in cities by 2030'
Scotland 'should ban non-electric cars in cities by 2030'

Jessica Potts of, the company behind the research, said: “Location is one of the most important factors determining car insurance costs. The majority of claims occur within just five miles of the driver’s home, so residing in areas with higher theft and accident rates impacts premiums.

“While the research shows what a typical driver in these locations can expect to pay, it doesn’t cover every eventuality. Some may find their circumstances produce different results. The study does give us an intriguing insight into the regional difference across the UK – it is certainly good news for some.”

The most expensive cities for car insurance (average quote)

  1. Liverpool: £884.51

  2. Manchester: £848.97

  3. Birmingham: £738.67

  4. Bradford: £736.77

  5. London: £725.60

  6. Sheffield: £713.03

  7. Nottingham: £709.44

  8. Salford: £708.68

  9. Belfast: £699.13

  10. Preston: £640.16

The least expensive cities for car insurance (average quote)

  1. Aberdeen: £309.14

  2. Perth: £324.64

  3. Truro: £325.20

  4. Inverness: £339.42

  5. Winchester: £347.10

  6. Swansea: £347.59

  7. Dundee: £354.28

  8. Hereford: £360.00

  9. Stirling: £373.52

  10. Edinburgh: £374.83

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