'Revenge': Asia Argento covers her Rose McGowan tattoo with a bloody knife

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Asia Argento has removed all traces of Rose McGowan from her life.

Over the weekend, the Italian actress covered up the matching tattoo that she and her former friend and #MeToo advocate both inked. The simple dot on her ankle — picked because it was in contrast to Argento’s many other intricate tattoos — was transformed into a bloody knife piercing skin.

In Argento’s Instagram post showing her dot tattoo going bye-bye, she seemed to bid farewell to Rose McGowan as well. (Photo: Asia Argento via Instagram)

Argento made sure McGowan knew about it too. She tagged her foe in an Instagram Stories post as the cover-up — done by Italian tattoo artist Marco Manzo — was underway. “Bye bye Rose McGowan,’ she wrote.

When Argento was done, she shared the significance of the tattoo — as if the pointed knife and blood drop aren’t obvious enough — writing “vendetta consumata,” which translates to “consummated revenge.”

Photo: Asia Argento via Instagram

The women had met on the red carpet at a premiere years ago and became friendly. But they really bonded last year over their experiences with Harvey Weinstein. They went on to become so close that Argento said they were like “sisters,” and McGowan was by Argento’s side after Anthony Bourdain’s suicide, but things imploded when the New York Times reported in August that Argento paid off former child star Jimmy Bennett last year after he said they had sex when he was underage. (Bennett and Argento have both claimed to be a victim of sexual assault from the encounter.) McGowan immediately spoke out against Argento in a stinging statement. However, the statement had some factual inaccuracies, which Argento then demanded that McGowan retract — or face a lawsuit. Last week, McGowan finally issued a new statement correcting her mistake. Argento had issues with McGowan’s apology but seemed to accept it, telling her — basically — to have a nice life.

Argento and McGowan participated in International Women’s Day in Rome on March 8, 2018. Their friendship ended in August. (Photo: Alessandra Tarantino/AP)

Around the time of McGowan’s apology on Thursday, Argento announced plans to have the tattoo removed — and she clearly didn’t waste any time doing it.

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