Revenge of the readers: You tell us the modern horror classics we missed

The Cabin in the Woods (Photo: Lionsgate)

Coming up with our list of the Top 25 modern horror classics was no easy feat. We debated for days and had to make some bloody tough cuts. Staff favorites like the meta masterpiece The Cabin in the Woods, the undead comedy tour de forces Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, and this year’s instant Stephen King classics Gerald’s Game and It (the latter happens to be the all-time highest-grossing fright flick) wound up on the chopping block. And, as many of you so helpfully pointed out, there were other films that you felt were wrongly snubbed. Here are the half-dozen that garnered the most support, along with reader comments making the case for each film.

The Others (2001)

As n/a puts it: “The Others was brilliant. You don’t need blood to be a great horror film.”

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Opines MICHAEL: “As silly as it is for a grown man to say, Jeepers Creepers left me with a squemishly uneasy feeling for days after I saw it in theaters. I watch it now on TV for that same uneasy feeling (for a few minutes).”

The Ring (2002)

WestSideKen weighs in: “The Ring was the first scary movie that I watched as an adult that made me turn all the lights on in the house when I went to bed. It was also the first horror movie my daughter saw at 5 years old. And she’s hooked on them to this day.”

Trick ‘r’ Treat (2007)

Bradley makes his case: “Trick ‘r Treat and Cabin in the Woods should be on here. I don’t think Trick ‘r Treat gets enough credit for how good and fun it is.”

Sinister (2012)

Alison offers her $0.02: “I think Sinister deserves to be on the list; that was creepy as heck plus the sequel was gut churning as well.”

The Witch (2016)

And here’s Piesurfer32‘s pick: “The Witch was pretty good, IMO. Should’ve been on the list. The ending blew my mind.”

Thanks for the input, everyone. If you still can’t get enough horror for Halloween, be sure to check out our list of the eight modern horror must-see movies you’ve never heard of.

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