Arbitrage star Richard Gere explains Movie 43 appearance

Richard Gere is back to his best in the superb drama 'Arbitrage', after a baffling appearance last month in the critically mauled 'Movie 43’.

Yahoo! Movies got chance to ask the star about the rumours that the cast were ‘guilt tripped’ into starring in the film by director Peter Farrelly. According to Gere, it was more of a family favour.

“The guy who put it together was the godfather of my step-daughter – a close friend of my wife,” said Richard. “Basically they talked me into it.”

So had he seen ‘Movie 43’ then? “I don’t wanna waste my time. No!” he laughed.

Check out the video above for more.

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We asked Richard what he thought of his own performance in Nicolas Jarecki’s tension-fest ‘Arbitrage’, out now, hailed as the 63 year-old’s greatest yet: “I don’t know about that,” Richard told us. “But I like it.

“It’s pretty rare that you make a movie where you set your sights pretty high on what you want to achieve. I think we came really close to what we set out to achieve with this. So I’m very pleased with that.”

The ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘An Officer And A Gentleman’ star also told us which film on his impressive CV that he wished had done better. He picked Lasse Hallström’s ‘The Hoax’.

“[We] worked very closely making this movie and we both liked this movie a lot. But it was one of the movies that got caught in between and was kind of dumped by a studio.

“I’ve always felt badly about that”, he added.

‘Arbitrage’, co-starring Susan Sarandon, Tim Roth and Brit Marling, its out now in the UK.

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