Rick and Morty season 4 release date, cast, trailer and everything else you need to know

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Rick and Morty season 4

Rick and Morty season 4 is on hiatus. When is it back? Nothing has officially been announced in that respect, but we have a few quotes and clues that might clue us in to the Rick and Morty return date. There's also plenty more to digest. And we're not just talking about the space snakes.

We have all the available Rick and Morty season 4 trailers, images, plus teases for what might be to come in the next five episodes. Yep, there are still five episodes left. Co-creator Justin Roiland has hinted at two key components of Rick and Morty coming back in season 4: Evil Morty and Interdimensional Cable. Let's wub-a-dub-a-dub our way down below and see what's in store.

Fast Facts

  • Rick and Morty season 4 release date: November 10, 2019 (first half); 2020 (second half)
  • Rick and Morty season 4 showrunners: Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland
  • Rick and Morty season 4 cast: Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke, Paul Giamatti, Taika Waititi, Sam Neill, Kathleen Turner, Elon Musk

Rick and Morty season 4 release date

Rick and Morty season 4 returned at 11:30 PM EST on Adult Swim on November 10, 2019. A new episode aired every Sunday; five episodes across six week. The show is now on a break.

No Rick and Morty season 4 return date for the second half of the season has been given, though we can expect it to be around early 2020 if you'll believe Summer's voice actor, Spencer Grammer. She told Collider: “We have another five [episodes] coming out eventually, sooner than later." Here's when each episode of the first half of season 4 aired:

  • "Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Repeat" (November 10)
  • "The Old Man and the Seat" (November 17)
  • "One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Nest" (November 24)
  • "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty" (December 8)
  • "Rattlestar Ricklactica" (December 15)
  • Episode 6: TBA
  • Episode 7: TBA
  • Episode 8: TBA
  • Episode 9: TBA
  • Episode 10: TBA

A Rick and Morty season 4 UK release date, took some time to come but it eventually arrived on Wednesday, November 20. It aired every week on E4 at 10pm,  has now caught up to the US schedule thanks to the week break over Thanksgiving. All episodes available to stream after airing using on-demand service All 4. Repeats will also be shown on E4. Ooo-wee!

So, why has it taken two years to get five episodes of season 4 out of the door? Roiland said at San Diego Comic-Con: “There was a lot of stuff that happened between [seasons 3 and 4] that will never have to happen anymore so we’re good to go [for future seasons.]” Season 5 in late 2020? It sounds possible.

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Rick and Morty season 4 episode count

The Rick and Morty season 4 episode count is set at 10 (as confirmed in July by Justin Roiland), which puts it on par with season 2 and 3’s efforts, while slightly lagging behind the first season’s 11-episode run. However, only five will air in 2019. The rest will come at a later unconfirmed date.

It could have been oh-so-different, as series co-creator Dan Harmon went back and forth on getting more episodes in season 4 but ultimately relented. He told EW in 2017: “I would like to think I’ve learned enough from my mistakes in season 3 that we could definitely do 14 now, but then I have to say, ‘Yeah but you’re the guy who says we can do 14 who turned out to be wrong so we’re not listening to you now.’”

Beyond season 4, there are dozens more episodes already confirmed. Yup. Dozens.

Season 4’s run will take us into 41 episodes total, and there’s plenty more to come. Justin Roiland confirmed another 70 episodes were coming back in 2018, meaning the show officially has 60 more episodes in the pipeline.

That’ll take Rick and Morty past the magical 100-episode syndication mark (which means the show can be licensed on other networks for more money) and means that we'll never stop seeing Pickle Rick jokes. Ever.

Rick and Morty season 4 trailers

Need a sneak peek at the upcoming run of episodes following the premiere? The first Rick and Morty season 4 trailer was released earlier this year, and while it doesn't reveal much about the over-arching plot it does clue us into a few of the adventures the grandpa-and-grandson duo will be having this year. 

Morty appears to get a dragon in one episode, while he also befalls an unfortunate fate in another, which was later revealed to be a spider bite in episode 3. We even catch a glimpse of the returning Meeseeks, who appeared in the premiere alongside the store-brand Kirkland variety, and Mr. Poopybutthole. 

There are also two brief teasers that have been released to the public.

In the first, shown off on Adult Swim’s official YouTube channel in May, Rick and his grandson Morty stand in front of a black background. Morty, of course, is reluctant to say too much, and passes over to Rick who reveals the season 4 release window of November 2019. It’s only 30 seconds long and packed with the awkward, semi-improvisational Rick and Morty-style humour, so why not watch it now?

The second clip involves what essentially amounts to a full scene from what we now know was Rick and Morty season 4's second episode. In it, squishy purple alien tech guru Glootie (voiced by Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi) is confronted by Morty after he refuses to take Jerry’s app off the internet. 

An enraged Morty then takes a baseball bat to Glootie’s monitors. Waititi’s character, though, has an app up his sleeve: the ominous beeping app sounds like a bomb and gives Glootie an opportunity to escape through the window. Unfortunately, the rotund intern doesn’t quite make it out of Morty’s clutches in time and that’s where the clip ends. Watch the short scene below.

Rick and Morty season 4 cast

The Rick and Morty season 4 cast remains steadfast: the series regulars are back, as shown by the premiere. That includes Justin Roiland as Rick and Morty; Spencer Grammer as Summer; Sarah Chalke (of Scrubs fame) returning as Beth, and Chris Parnell is back to voice Jerry.

Some guest stars are also set to appear, too. After all, it wouldn’t be a Rick and Morty season without some special cameos tucked away somewhere. Previous years had the likes of Christina Hendricks and Keith David, while season 4 has guest cast members Taika Waititi (as Glootie), Sam Neill (as Glootie's Emperor), Kathleen Turner (as the Emperor's Wife), and Paul Giamatti. Jeffrey Wright also appeared in episode two as the shy pooper, Tony. Remarkably, Elon Musk also featured as Elon Tusk in episode 3. Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham voiced a dragon in episode 4, while Matthew Broderick was the talking cat. Finally, in episode 5 we saw a surprising return: Keegan Michael Key was back as the Deus Ex Machina-enabling Time Cop.

And what of Rick and Morty’s laundry list of iconic characters and one-off quote machines? While the likes of Noob-Noob haven’t been mentioned when it comes to season 4, Roiland has confirmed that the ever-peppy Meeseeks (also voiced by Roiland) will be in an episode this year, later confirmed to be the show's premiere in a series of meta gags about classic Rick and Morty adventures. He told EW: “There’s going to be a couple of Meeseeks popping up here and there.” 

Mr. Poopybutthole is also back, having graduated to a professor. Instead of tenure, though, he seems to be content with kicking ass. He's recruited by Rick to help with a heist in episode 3.

During the premiere, Roiland also voices Fascist Morty, Fascist Rick, Wasp Rick, Teddy Rick and even Fascist Shrimp Morty.

Elsewhere, the Rick and Morty cast might also include Evil Morty (yet again voiced by Roiland), returning from his season 3 episode "Tales from the Citadel." A tweet from the official Rick and Morty Twitter account includes an image of Evil Morty's face in a copy-and-pasted group of Mortys. The caption "Black, white, and dread all over" adds to the suggestion that we're likely to see Morty's evil doppelganger from an alternate universe crop up again at some point in season 4.

Want to buy some of the new alternate universe Ricks?  Wasp Rick and Teddy Rick are part of a new wave of Funkos, while Hologram Rick's presence is also welcome.

Rick and Morty season 4 story recap

**Spoilers for Rick and Morty season 4 in this section**

The opening of Rick and Morty season 4 saw Morty keep a death crystal (which shows you a vision of your death) and, believing it to be showing him a life well-lived with his crush Jessica, he goes off the beaten path after accidentally killing Rick.

But don't worry, Rick isn't dead! His clone ends up in several alternate universes, and he eventually makes his way home with Wasp Rick to help defeat Morty, who has been overcome by the death crystal.

A post-credits scene also reveals that the whole episode was for naught: Jessica had plans to become a hospice worker and comfort old, lonely people on their death bed. Poor Morty.

The second episode, "Old Man and the Seat" saw Rick go to an alien planet for the sole purpose of, well, taking a dump. Unfortunately, he finds that someone else has used his majestic toilet and sets out in search of them.

Elsewhere, Rick introduces Glootie (voiced by Taika Waititi) to the Smith family. Despite repeated warnings, and a stamp on his head, not to develop Glootie's app, Jerry relents and starts a dating app called Lovefinderrz. That causes much of Earth to fall head over heels in love with several soulmates; Beth spends the majority of the episode protecting Summer from the guys (and girls) she suddenly goes goo-goo over.

It all ends with Morty and Jerry infiltrating the Glootie species' alien ship and convincing Glootie to turn against his masters. They end up installing adware on the apps, which forces everyone to delete it.

Elsewhere, Rick tracks down the pooping bandit, a worker named Tony. He rages at the amphibian, which eventually leads him to joining his dead wife in the Great Beyond. Ouch. Rick, though, is distraught at the loss of someone who could have been a friend, and finishes the episode looking decidedly glum on his secret toilet. For an episode filled with fart jokes, and a super-weird Jerry-themed post-credits scene, this was a real downer.

On to episode 3: Morty is again adamant he wants to go on yet another classic adventure. When Rick reluctantly relents, he finds the tomb he was going to rob has already been ransacked by heist extraordinare, Knightley.

As revenge, Rick and Morty travel to HeistCon, but Knightley instead challenges Rick to a heist-off. In a twist (one of many in the episode), Knightley reveals he's already claimed the prize, a crystal skull. But Rick one-ups him by unveiling his master heist/double-cross combo. He enlisted his own heist team (including Mr. Poopybutthole and Elon Tusk, voiced by Elon Musk) and replaced the skull with something... brown. I'll say no more.

Rick being Rick, he also goes one step further and brainwashes the entire HeistCon audience, who rip Knightley limb from limb.

The robot Rick used to pull off the heist, Heist-tron, eventually goes rogue and starts pulling off his own heists, including trying to kidnap the Earth. Rick eventually stops him by suggesting his plan was part of Rick's plan. A thousand times over. That "level of contrivance" shorts out Heist-tron.

Onto episode 4: this has two very distinct plots: one where Morty gets a dragon, and one where Jerry befriends a talking cat. Both are equally as weird.

In the dragon A-plot, Rick betrays Morty by bonding with his dragon. This leads to the dragon being branded a "slut" (yeah...) and nearly executed by a wizard, though Rick, Morty, and Summer save the day and lead an uprising of dragons.

Meanwhile, Jerry takes the talking cat to Florida, where both learn the true meaning of friendship: have each other's backs. Even if that means admitting you pooped in the sand. I'm looking at you, Jerry.

The mid-season finale (episode 5) mostly stuck to one concept: Morty meddling with a planet filled with space snakes who end up inventing time travel and trying to kill Morty. Rick and Morty eventually  accidentally save the day by telling their future selves to go back in time. After jumping through several historical scenarios, including Snake Hitler, the Time Police get involved and kill the snake planet's first descendant, thus closing the time travel loop. Oh and also: Jerry floats away for most of the episode. That was fun.

What next? There could be the return of a fan-favourite mini-series-within-a-series. Much like how The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror is anticipated every Halloween, improvisational comedy Interdimensional Cable was going much the same way, but ultimately didn't make it into season 3 after being part of the first two seasons. The threequel could be in the works, though, as co-creator Justin Roiland posted an image on Instagram earlier this year with the caption "Idc3 (maybe)."

Rick and Morty season 4 episode titles

The first five episode titles for Rick and Morty season 4 have been released by Adult Swim. They are as follows:

  • "Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Repeat"
  • "The Old Man and the Seat"
  • "One Crew Over The Crewcoo's Morty"
  • "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty"
  • "Rattlestar Ricklactia"

Each of the five episodes also have an attached synopses which, in typical Rick and Morty fashion, tell us absolutely nothing and are more of a meta commentary on vague descriptions than anything else. 

Rick and Morty season 4 images

We also have a sprinkling of Rick and Morty season 4 images for you to coo over again and again. 

The first season 4 image, which was released in July, sees Rick peacefully walking through a picturesque field on what looks like an alien planet. We now know that's the location for his secret toilet. Who'd have thunk it?

Rick and Morty season 4

Another image was also from the second episode, as Rick interrupts a robot revolution against the Crocubots to find some more information about who used his toilet.

Rick and Morty season 4

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