Rick and Morty season 7 brings back character in post credits scene

rick and morty season 7 trailer
Rick and Morty season 7 brings back characterAdult Swim

Rick and Morty spoilers follow.

Rick and Morty has brought back a character in its seventh season, with Memory Rick returning in a post-credits scene.

The variant of Rick was last seen in the fifth season, but made a return in ‘The Jerrick Trap’, the second episode of the seventh season.

The scene saw Memory Rick trapped in the mind of Jerry, with the character attempting to plan his escape – seemingly to no avail.

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The seventh season is the first to feature the voices of Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden as the titular duo, with the pair replacing series creator Justin Roiland following his departure from the show.

“We had a rug pulled from underneath us. The only people we could lean on were each other,” said executive producer Steve Levy of the new season. “It would have been very easy to just say: 'I'm done and I don't want to do anything with this show anymore.'

“But this show is created by this team – this family of incredibly hardworking people, and we are going to push through and show the world that we aren't going to miss a beat. The work that we're doing across the board has only gotten better.

“When the new season comes out, we'll focus on how amazing it all turned out. We hope the fans will realise that this is the same old show, maybe even better!”

rick and morty season 7 trailer
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Whilst fans can enjoy the seventh season, a rumoured movie spin-off based on the series recently received a promising update, with creator Dan Harmon revealing that Zack Snyder took an interest in the project.

“He was totally a super fan and was just like, 'Is there any way I can help get that movie started by using my Snyder-ness?’” recalled Harmon. “So, the Rick and Morty movie is coming as soon as Zack Snyder gets back from his vacation.”

Rick and Morty airs on Adult Swim in the US, and on E4 in the UK.

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