Ricky Gervais Criticized for Trans Jokes at the Golden Globes 2016

Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais made fun of Caitlyn Jenner's car accident in his opening monologue.

"I'm gonna be nice tonight," said Gervais. "I've changed. Not as much as Bruce Jenner, obviously. Now Caitlyn Jenner, of course."

He continued: "What a year she's had. She became a role model for trans people everywhere, showing great bravery in breaking down barriers and destroying stereotypes."

Then came the punchline: "She didn't do a lot for women drivers. But you can't have everything, can you? Not at the same time."

Jenner was involved in a multi-car accident last February, which left a woman dead.

Gervais' jokes about Jenner were met with a mix of gasps and laughs from the audience. On Twitter, people reacted at Gervais using "Bruce" rather than Caitlyn. Twitter users also reacted to Gervais' trans joke about Jeffrey Tambor, who plays a trans woman on Amazon comedy Transparent.

"Every day he has to put on all the women's clothes and the hair and makeup and let people film it," said Gervais. "That takes balls. I don't know how he does it. I really don't. I've seen his balls — they're huge, and long. I don't know if he tucked them in the bra or does that thing where you push them out the back and let them hang out, like a bulldog — no one knows."

At the end of the night, Gervais made another trans joke. He introduced Eddie Redmayne as a British actress taking Hollywood by storm and the star of The Danish Girl before interrupting himself and saying "It's a dude?" Redmayne, who plays trans woman Lili Elbe in the film, walked out and didn't acknowledge Gervais' joke.

Here's a look at how people reacted on social media:

How tf are you praising Jeffrey Tambor for playing a trans woman & mocking Caitlyn Jenner for being one in the same sentence? #GoldenGlobes

—Camille Beredjick (@cberedjick) January 11, 2016

Ricky Gervais is back as Golden Globes host, and it took about 3.2 seconds for a bigoted trash joke. Deadnaming Caitlyn Jenner.

—Erika Sorensen (@eiridescent) January 11, 2016

and he won't stop. this disgusting. transphobic comments mocking Caitlyn Jenner and now #Transparent. this is awful. #GoldenGlobes

—Kevin Allred (@KevinAllred) January 11, 2016

Ricky went from deadnaming Caitlyn Jenner to talking about what Jeffrey Tambor does with his package. Waiting for The Danish Girl ... :-/

—Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) January 11, 2016

There are a billionty great Caitlyn Jenner jokes. Calling her "Bruce" isn't one of them.

—Emerson Collins (@ActuallyEmerson) January 11, 2016

why is everybody laughing at the person who died in the caitlyn jenner car accident hollywood is weird

—Deaux (@dstfelix) January 11, 2016

thank god for Jeffrey tambor for refusing to laugh at the transphobic and misogynist jokes MY HEROOOO #GoldenGlobes

—deja lu. (@kristothelu) January 11, 2016

I did love @jeffreytambor very much not laughing at all at ricky gervais' "jokes" about trans women

—Rey Valdivia Rude (@meyrude) January 11, 2016

Ricky Gervais didn't get the memo that he should have left the trans jokes back in the last century (when they weren't funny either)

—Doree Shafrir (@doree) January 11, 2016

If you're confused about what comedy is, let me help: making fun of trans people isn't funny.

—Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) January 11, 2016

Brave of Eddie Redmayne to say nothing about that trans joke.

—Cole Escola (@ColeEscola) January 11, 2016

You know, Ricky Gervais doing hacky jokes about trans people and trans characters is really, really not a good look. Grow up.

—Mo Ryan (@moryan) January 11, 2016

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