Ricky Martin hoping children see him in ‘different light’ with comedy role

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Ricky Martin has said he hopes his four children will see him “in a different light” with his new comedy role in seasonal film Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.

The musician said he is happy that he will finally be able to share one of his acting performances with his children: twin boys Matteo and Valentino, daughter Lucia, and son Renn that he shares with husband Jwan Yosef.

Particularly following his less child-friendly roles in projects such as The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

He told the PA news agency; “It’s special because they see me in a different light and the other acting parts I’ve done are so dark and they are so young they haven’t been able to see them.”

The musical adventure follows a toymaker who falls on hard times after his trusted apprentice steals his most prized creation – his book of inventions.

It comes down to his clever and creative granddaughter to restore his sense of magic and wonder, and set things right.

Martin added: “The most important thing is that I can sit down with my family, all generations and it doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from – you will relate to this.

“Even though it’s in the 1800s it’s so relevant to what we are doing today, but my kids are very happy, very excited and this is something that I want to keep doing.”

Martin lends his voice to a dastardly talking puppet Don Juan Diego.

He said: “He is terrible, he is vicious and Machiavellian and it was the first time I had to tap into that kind of madness for work.

“Madness in real life? All the time! For work, it was different. For me to be able to sit down with not only my kids, also my mom who loved the movie – it’s like a family story. It’s very special.”

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Story will be released on Netflix on November 13.

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