Ridley Scott confirms he is directing 'Queen & Country,' says heroine could 'kick Bond's ass' (exclusive)

Ridley Scott is directing comic book adaptation Queen & Country
Ridley Scott is directing comic book adaptation Queen & Country

Sir Ridley Scott is directing the film adaption of Queen & Country.

It was reported last month that the British filmmaker was in talks to helm the project, based on the Oni Press comic book written by Greg Rucka, and now he’s confirmed to Yahoo Movies that he’s hard at work bringing it to life.

“Oh yeah, I’m kind of already knee-deep,” Scott said, speaking for the first time about his involvement. “It’s a very good piece of writing, to begin with.

“Frequently in these things, I know I shouldn’t say because I’m gonna get misquoted here, but comic strip things are certainly lacking in making sense, or dialogue, but this one has really been very well adapted.”

The comic book centres on British spy Tara Chace, an operative of the Special Operations Section of SIS (Mi6) known as “the Minders,” who embarks on dangerous missions to protect field operatives while dealing with the bureaucracy and politics that comes with the job.

Queen & Country is a comic book written by Greg Rucka
Queen & Country is a comic book written by Greg Rucka

A film adaptation for Queen & Country has been in limbo since it was optioned in 2007 by 20th Century Fox. Several draft scripts have been penned since and in September 2013, it was reported that Ellen Page was negotiating to take the lead but obviously that fell through.

Scott’s own films have a rich history of powerful female characters, from Ripley in Alien to Demi Moore in GI Jane, and the director thinks that Tara could be more than a rival to James Bond.

“There’s nothing like a great story to attach to a Bond film right?” he said. “She’s not exactly Bondish, but she’s a female version. Could she kick his ass? Probably.”

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