Ridley Scott Hints At New Alien In Prometheus 2

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Director Ridley Scott has revealed that a new kind of alien may be introduced in the sequel to 'Prometheus.'

While a big commercial success, Scott’s 2012 prequel to the ‘Alien’ saga seemed to leave audiences a bit divided. Whilst many were delighted to see the iconic director return to the sci-fi universe he launched back in 1979, others were less than pleased with the film’s religious elements and lapses in logic.


Star Noomi Rapace had previously suggested the sequel would in some way feature God and the Devil - but recent comments from Scott suggest something a little more down to earth (or down to LV-223, at least).

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Scott tells The Australian (via SciFied) that the ‘Prometheus’ sequel will see him “getting away from gods and dragons and s**t. If I see one more dragon I’m going to shoot myself. Stop the dragons.”

Scott says the original Alien from the 1979 film, as designed by the late HRR Giger, is “the definitive dragon and he’s a motherf***er. The alien’s real which is why it’s probably one of the scariest monsters in film history.

"So with ‘Prometheus 2’ what I’m trying to do is reintroduce a fresher form of alien in the third act.”

The director admits that the “baby” alien which appeared in the final act of ‘Prometheus’ was “awfully close” to the original monster, and hints the sequel will boast something new.


Still, it remains unclear just when ‘Prometheus 2’ will get off the ground. Despite being in his late seventies, Scott is as busy as ever, with his latest film ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ opening in December and the in-production ‘The Martian’ due around this time next year.

In the meantime, Scott also has the long-awaited sequel to his other science fiction classic ‘Blade Runner’ in the pipeline.

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