Rihanna and Natalie Portman fangirl over each other at Paris Fashion Week

Rihanna and Natalie Portman have spoken about their mutual appreciation of each other at Paris Fashion Week.

The two high-profile women were at the Dior Haute Couture show on Monday when they ran into each other outside.

"I am f**king fan!" Rihanna raved. "You're one of the hottest b**ches in Hollywood forever!"

She added, "You do the most innocent look, and I'm like 'Ugh!'"

Natalie returned the compliment.

"Are you kidding me? Excuse me, I'm gonna faint. I'm gonna black out!" she said. "I love you and I listen to your music all the time and you're just such a queen, thank you!"

The Diamonds singer then asked nearby paparazzi to take a photo of them together.

"Can somebody take a picture so I can remember this happened tomorrow?!" said the popstar "I don't get excited about anybody!"

Natalie has been an ambassador for Dior since 2011. At her recent Golden Globes appearance, she wore a Dior Couture gown which was hand-beaded and embroidered with an Impressionist landscape of micro-flowers and vermicelli.

She said at the time, "My dress... took hundreds of hours of work, so I'm really lucky to get to wear this - it's like a garden on a dress."