Rihanna Rumoured For Bond 24

Pop star Rihanna may be lined up to make a cameo in the next James Bond movie, according to a new report.

The Sunday Mirror (via OK!) claim that Eon Productions have approached the 26-year old Barbadian singer to see whether she’d be interested in making a guest appearance in Bond 24.


According to the unnamed source, “Rihanna is a big fan of the Bond films and has always loved the idea of appearing in one.

"She didn’t even need to think about it, she knows she wants to do it. She’s really excited."

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If Rihanna does indeed join Daniel Craig and company in the as-yet untitled film from director Sam Mendes, it will be her third big screen role to date.

The singer made her slightly inauspicious acting debut in ‘Battleship,’ and followed this by appearing as herself in ‘This Is The End.’ She is also set to be heard as the voice of a character in next year’s animated movie ‘Home.’


Curiously, there is no mention of whether a cameo for Rihanna could also mean she has a shot at singing the Bond 24 theme song, which might seem a logical move.

Then again, the last time the performer of the theme song appeared in a Bond movie, it was Madonna in ‘Die Another Day’ – not a song or a scene that many seem to look back on with much fondness…

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Picture Credit: Universal, MGM