Rita Wilson: I would talk to a ghost in my bedroom

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Hollywood actress Rita Wilson says she and husband Tom Hanks lived with a ghost – who became upset when they left the house.

The actress and producer, 64, said the ghost would set off an alarm when they travelled.

She told Jools And Jim’s Joyride, a travel podcast hosted by Jools Holland and Jim Moir: “There were always three very specific things this ghost did.

“One, there was a two-storey entry and if you were in the kitchen, the sound was so loud it was as if someone dropped a stack of books from the second-floor landing, and there was never anything there.

“The second thing, I sensed it in our bedroom, and I would actually talk to it and say, ‘I’m trying to go to sleep, can you please leave now’…

“The third thing, it didn’t like it when we travelled and it would set the alarm off, it didn’t want to be left alone,” Wilson, who is also a singer, said.

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