Roast Broccoli With Ranch Seasoning And Taste The Magic

Roasted broccoli on baking tray
Roasted broccoli on baking tray - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

From lemon-kissed asparagus to garlicky-summer squash and honey-tinted Brussels sprouts, roasting vegetables is one of the tastiest ways to prepare them. Roasting veggies imbues them with a deep, caramelized flavor and a decadent, crunchy char that even picky eaters have a hard time saying no to. And if there's one roasted vegetable hack to add to your repertoire, it's making roasted broccoli dusted with ranch seasoning.

Satisfying and mouthwateringly delicious, ranch seasoning is commonly made with a blend of dried herbs and spices like garlic, onion, dill, parsley, chives, and sometimes buttermilk or sour cream powder. These are the same ingredients found in ranch dressing. The culmination of these tangy, aromatic, and umami-dense flavors will liven up the folksy, grassy taste of broccoli, so you can enjoy a roasted vegetable platter that's teeming with flavor.

Roasting is key in this easy-to-make veggie recipe, as the flavors of the spice blend will deepen and expand for a more pronounced ranch seasoning bravado when roasted. And since the ingredients used to make ranch seasoning are commonly used in other side dishes and entrees, you'll never run out of ways to pair this flavorful broccoli dish. Also, using a ranch-inspired spice blend eliminates the need to pull out a hundred different spice jars for a humble recipe -- what's not to love?

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Ranch-Roasted Broccoli Tips

Ranch seasoning in tablespoon
Ranch seasoning in tablespoon - Michelle Lee Photography/Getty Images

You don't need a culinary school degree to make an unforgettable batch of roasted vegetables, and the same rings true for ranch seasoning-roasted broccoli. However, it's not impossible to make mistakes along the way, so keep a few easy-to-remember tips in mind when preparing this well-seasoned veggie roast.

Instead of just dumping the spice blend onto the broccoli before roasting, combine and toss your ingredients in an oiled bowl to ensure that the herbs and spices coat every inch of the broccoli. Whatever you do, don't skip the cooking oil; it's essential for developing a golden brown char.

Blanching or steaming the broccoli before roasting it can tenderize the stalks for soft, ripened forkfuls that maintain a delicately toasty crunch. Because they're pre-blanched -- and additional moisture can leave them soggy -- you don't need to take this step if you're roasting frozen broccoli. If you are using frozen broccoli, however, let them roast for a few minutes to evaporate the water before introducing the oil and seasoning blend.

As for time and temperature, about 425 degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot. This process shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, but a quick peek into the oven can help determine if they've reached your desired texture.

Pairing With The Perfect Entrees

Parmesan-crusted fish and broccoli
Parmesan-crusted fish and broccoli - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Ranch seasoning broccoli is delicious on its own and makes for a nutritious snack. But if your goal is to pair the veggies with a hearty entree, here are some tried and true main courses that will work.

One of the best ways to prepare a filet mignon is by serving it alongside roasted broccoli sprinkled with ranch seasoning. The meaty machismo of this juicy cut of steak will complement the earthy taste of broccoli and mellow out the tangy boldness of the spice blend, while simultaneously meshing with its elements of dried garlic and onion. If you're feeling fishy, you can opt for a parmesan-crusted white fish, where the bright flavors of the seasoning harmonize with the delicate essence of the fish.

For something more veggie-centric, stuffed bell peppers filled with a savory blend of quinoa, black beans, corn, and cheese can complement the zest of the ranch seasoning and bolster the vegetal aroma of the broccoli for a dynamic interplay of nutrient-dense flavors. Soup, anyone? Pairing the broccoli with an aromatic tomato basil soup enriches the meal with a herbaceous tomato flavor, delicately balancing the zippy, crusted broccoli with a comforting and velvety texture. Although it's just one of the many ways to use ranch seasoning, the simplicity and satiating nature of ranch seasoning-dusted roasted broccoli makes it one of the best.

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