Rob Rinder addresses rumours he and Rylan Clark are dating: 'He's pregnant with my child...'

Rob Rinder has spoken out on his friendship with Rylan Clark credit:Bang Showbiz
Rob Rinder has spoken out on his friendship with Rylan Clark credit:Bang Showbiz

Rob Rinder has the "best sort" of love with Rylan Clark.

The 45-year-old barrister-turned-presenter has been at the centre of rumours that he and his 'Grand Tour' co-star Rylan, 35, have struck up a relationship after he tweeted amid their appearance at the BAFTAs on Sunday (12.05.24) that friendship "often does, grow into love" but has now insisted that things are "platonic" between them.

Speaking on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' on Friday (17.05.24) after being grilled by co-host Kate Garraway, he said: "It's like you and me, it's platonic love. The best sort!

"We did get naked together and have a painting of ourselves in Italy [for our TV show]. I did go on Twitter and announce our engagement - as a joke! We have the best sort of marriage, we row with each other and we don't have sex. I can categorically say that we are not dating...but he is pregnant with my child."

His comments come just one day after he and former 'X Factor' contestant Rylan revealed that while they were filming their travel show for BBC, they were started off in in separate accommodations but shared a room by the end.

Speaking on 'This Morning', he explained: "In Venice, we were in separate accommodations.

"In Florence we were in the same accommodation but in different rooms and by Rome, I'm waking up with him underneath me, and I was like, 'Get off of me, Barrister!"'

But Rylan - who was was initially married to Dan Neal from 2015 until 2021 whilst Rob split from Seth Cumming in 2018 after six years in a civil partnership - also took to social media to insist that there was no romance between himself and his co-star and that he is just a "close" friend.

He wrote on X: "To the journalist that just doorstepped my mum at her house, as polite as you were, please don't. She said you was a lovely man but she's 71 years old and it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

"The answer is no. I'm not dating Rob Rinder, he's one of my closest friends. Next time, tweet me."