Robert De Niro warns 'I'm watching you!' in video about staying home during pandemic

Robert De Niro wants you to get serious about staying home.

The actor channeled his character from the 2000 movie Meet the Parents — a former CIA agent who intimidates his daughter’s love interest, played by Ben Stiller — in a new public service announcement about the coronavirus.

The 24-second video is one of several featuring celebrities that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office released in the last day to try and persuade New Yorkers to stay home and prevent the virus from spreading.

Another clip stars Stiller himself, although his bit is that he’s staying home to take on a new, albeit unusual, hobby.

“I’ve always been interested in chainsaw art,” Stiller said. “Never had the time to explore it and now through the miracle of the internet, some tutorials and Etsy, I’ve been able to really get into it. I mean, I know nothing about it, but I’m learning every day.”

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Stiller’s video ends with him holding up a chainsaw.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Danny DeVito, meanwhile, just laid it all out.

“I mean, we got this virus, this pandemic and, you know, young people can get it, and they can transmit it to old people and the next thing you know... I’m out of here!” the 75-year-old Cheers alum said.

Alec Baldwin starred in yet another video, admitting that he was suspicious of being told to avoid going out into the world, but he isn’t anymore.

“Like you, in the beginning, I had my doubts about what was going on but now I think it’s been proven that the only way we’re going to have a chance to minimize this is to distance and to quarantine,” the frequent Saturday Night Live guest said. “So stay home”

As of Monday morning, New York reported 20,875 cases — the most of any American state.

“The timeline, nobody can tell you, it depends on how we handle it,” Cuomo told reporters Monday. “But 40 percent, up to 80 percent of the population will wind up getting this virus. All we’re trying to do is slow the spread, but it will spread.”

Designer Christian Siriano is another celeb who’s offered his services to New York, volunteering his team to create medical masks to make up for a shortage for medical workers.