Robert De Niro, Kim Cattrall Blew Real Smoke Rings in 'About My Father': 'Unheard-of Talents' (Exclusive)

'About My Father' hits theaters Friday



Robert De Niro and Kim Cattrall put on quite a smoke show in their newest film.

When asked to name an iconic moment from the About My Father set with De Niro, 79, Cattrall, 66, says in a new interview for PEOPLE in 10, "I think smoking with Robert De Niro is pretty special."

"That scene ... I was wondering how we were going to play it, and he blew a perfect circle," she recalls. "So my aim at the end of that scene was to blow another circle through it."

Confirming she was able to pull off the impressive stunt, Cattrall adds with a laugh, "Unheard-of talents here, I'm telling you."

"Kim Cattrall, the smoke-ring blower. Kim Cattrall can blow some smoke!" exclaims costar Leslie Bibb.



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De Niro tells PEOPLE he likes that his character, Sebastian Maniscalco's father Salvo, is "very cynical about certain things in a very Italian way — especially in this situation, with this very WASP-y family, country-club family."

"There's a lot to go after," he adds.

"She's strong. She's tough," Cattrall says of her own wealthy and eccentric character. "And she's loyal and she's loving ... maybe a little too overly protective."

Of witnessing the "master" De Niro at work, costar David Rasche says, "We all try to do it, but then we watch him and you see how it's actually done."

Directed by Laura Terruso, About My Father chronicles the story of Sebastian (Maniscalco, 49) bringing his immigrant, hairdresser dad Salvo (De Niro) on a weekend-long trip to meet his fiancée's (Bibb, 48) wealthy and eccentric family (Cattrall and Rasche, 78, plus Anders Holm and Brett Dier), leading to culture clashes.

Lionsgate Poster for <em>About My Father</em> (2023)
Lionsgate Poster for About My Father (2023)

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Maniscalco, who co-wrote the film, told PEOPLE in February that the plot was inspired by his own experience meeting his now-wife Lana Gomez's family, but most of the hijinks are heightened and fictionalized for the laughs — keeping the heart of the story intact.

He also raved about how De Niro pulled off a spot-on version of his real-life dad Salvatore.

"He definitely has the nuance of my father, the attitude of my dad as my father," Maniscalco said of the two-time Oscar winner's portrayal. "He definitely embodied the character. He really did a great job. I mean, my father has an accent and he doesn't sound like my dad, but he definitely has the attitude and the relationship, I felt."

Added the actor and comedian, "Even doing the movie, I felt like I was hanging out with a second father figure."

About My Father is in theaters Friday.

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