Robert Pattinson actually wet himself making 'The Lighthouse'

Gregory Wakeman
Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse

Robert Pattinson’s performance in The Lighthouse has been roundly lauded since its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival back in May.

But clearly getting into character as Ephraim Winslow, who becomes embroiled in a psychological battle with his fellow lighthouse keeper Thomas Wake, played by Willem Dafoe, throughout the movie, took quite the toil on Pattinson.

Pattinson previously admitted that the production was so physically demanding and rife with tension that he almost punched director Robert Eggers in the face.

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The actor has now opened up even more about filming Eggers’ follow-up to The Witch and becoming the increasingly insane Winslow, admitting that while he didn’t go fully method actor for the part, which means being the character even when the camera isn’t rolling, once Eggers shouted, ‘Action!,’ he didn’t hold back.

TORONTO, ONTARIO - SEPTEMBER 07: (L-R) Rodrigo Teixeira, Willem Dafoe, Robert Eggers, Robert Pattinson and Lourenco Sant'Anna attend "The Lighthouse" premiere during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival at Ryerson Theatre on September 07, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/WireImage)

In fact, because he was playing a drunk, Pattinson got so inebriated on the set of The Lighthouse that he didn’t just black out for most of the shoot, he also wet himself, too.

“Because you’re playing a mad person, it means you can sort of be mad the whole time,” he told Esquire. “Well, not the whole time, but for like an hour before the scene. You can literally just be sitting on the floor growling and licking up puddles of mud.”

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“[I was] basically unconscious the whole time. It was crazy. I spent so much time making myself throw up. Pissing my pants. It’s the most revolting thing. I don’t know, maybe it’s really annoying.”

Pattinson admitted that he was even ready to throw up on Dafoe during one particularly take, however he quickly decided against it after Eggers warned him his screen partner would walk off set if he did.

You’ll get to see Pattinson in action in The Lighthouse when it is released on January 31, 2020.