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'Popeye' (1980)

Williams' first leap to the big screen was considered a misfire by many at the time, as director Robert Altman’s idiosyncratic musical take on the spinach-eating sailor was a collision of one world too many to satisfy fans of the cartoon. But decades later, Williams' entirely committed, pipe-chewing turn has become a cult classic.

Robin Williams,1951-2014: His 19 Most Memorable Movie Roles

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Robin Williams broke movie fans’ hearts on Monday when he died at the age of 63. A comedian who operated at breathtaking speed, he was also a dramatic actor of surprising depth and sensitivity. Over his 35-year screen career, there wasn’t a genre he didn’t touch, from the broadest of comedies ('Mrs. Doubtfire') to taut crime thrillers ('Insomnia') to unforgettable dramas ('Dead Poets Society'). Along the way he collected an Oscar for 'Good Will Hunting,' numerous Emmys, Golden Globes, and Grammys, and the affection and esteem of a generation of filmgoers who can’t picture the movies without him.