Robin Williams' Final Days To Be Explored In New Documentary, Robin's Wish

Daniel Welsh
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The first trailer for a new documentary looking back on Robin Williams’ final days has been unveiled.

Robin’s Wish features interviews with those who knew the Oscar-winning actor, including his widow Susan Schneider Williams, as well as medical experts offering commentary on Lewy Body Dementia, the illness he had unknowingly been living with prior to his death by suicide in 2014.

A description of the documentary reads: “Robin’s Wish tells the powerful true story of actor/comedian Robin Williams’ final days.

“For the first time, Robin’s fight against a deadly neurodegenerative disorder, known as Lewy Body Dementia, is shown in stunning detail.

“Through a gripping journalistic lens, this incredible story sheds an entirely new light on the tragedy, beauty and power behind the mind of one of the greatest entertainers of all time.”

Robin Williams (Photo: PA Archive/PA Images)
Robin Williams (Photo: PA Archive/PA Images)

Robin’s wife Susan Schneider Williams said: “During the last year of his life, Robin was confronted with anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, scary altered realities and a roller coaster of hope and despair. With our medical team’s care, we chased a relentless parade of symptoms but with very little gain.

“It wasn’t until after Robin’s passing, in autopsy, that the source of his terror was revealed: he had diffuse Lewy body disease. It was one of the worst cases medical professionals had seen.”

Susan Schneider Williams and Robin Williams in 2012 (Photo: Paul Zimmerman via Getty Images)
Susan Schneider Williams and Robin Williams in 2012 (Photo: Paul Zimmerman via Getty Images)

Susan also explained that the documentary’s title was inspired by the late star’s aspiration to make people “less afraid”.

“We had been discussing what we wanted our legacies to be in life; when it was our time to go, how we wanted to have made people feel,” she recalled. “Without missing a beat, Robin said, ‘I want to help people be less afraid’.”

Robin’s Wish will be made available to watch on demand from 1 September.


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