Security guard levels rogue Red Sox fan as he rushes field at Fenway Park

Torrey Hart
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Once in a blue moon, a MLB security guards get to live out the moment they’ve spent their entire careers training for: protecting players from an on-field threat, which usually means a streaker.

One lucky guard got to do so Wednesday night as the Tigers played the Red Sox at Fenway Park, and absolutely blindsided a rogue fan. Better yet, the “streaker” was fully clothed.

Check out the massive hit:

The fan was able to evade security for a while, but as almost always happens in these situations, he he went down hard when finally caught. The guard may have sacrificed his glasses for the cause.

Here’s another angle:

The fan had to know the hit would come as some point, but he might not be prepared for how much it’ll hurt tomorrow.

A Fenway Park security worker took down a fan who ran onto the field during the fifth inning of a baseball game Wednesday night. (AP)

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